Welcome to smartPlace.Today

Why do we need smartPlace TODAY? 

…so we don’t get stuck on stupid.

We live in one of the richest countries in the world, and yet have some of the worse health outcomes. Not only does this pose a financial burden, but this robs us of collective prosperity (YouTube link explaining Comparative Advantage/Prosperity). What’s even scarier is that for the past couple of years, our life expectancy has been going down, something not seen for decades, and also not seen in any of the other high income countries. 

But this should not be the case, our bodies are designed for purpose and prosperity, and just like a cut can heal itself, we have built-in mechanisms to self-regulate and get us back to wholeness when we are off track or with illness. The challenge is avoiding errors of omission, where are bodies are lacking something needed for repair, or errors of commission, by experiencing somethings that our bodies would rather do without. I call this living by design.

Knowing exactly how to live can be a challenge when the abnormal behaviors associated with our poor health have become so common as to appear normal. And when we witness this behavior, it’s easy for us to copy it. This ability to copy behavior is also a part of our design, and we even have a name for it; Monkey See, Monkey Do. This is how we get stuck on stupid.

Enter smartPlace.Today. This site was created to explore and discuss those principles, practices, and products that seem to honor our design. As we identify and clarify some best practices, in the spirit of ontological design, we will be creating smartPlaces that will make us better. We won’t always get this right, but with your help and regular feedback, we will find truth together. We will be using a tool known as the Citizen Report Card (Link) as a roadmap in these discussions. In so doing, we will be creating Cities of A’s (Link).

So if you, like me, are concerned for the amount of disease that you see around you, and would like to find a better way, come walk with us. As a collective, with the right conversation, we can find our way to a smartPlace, Today. 


So on to the How?

After you register, the first thing to do, is go to groups, and select the groups that you would like to join and monitor. As a smartPlace.Today registrant, while you can see the post in all 19 “classes”, you will only be able to make post and comment in 4 “classes”;

mentalFitness: practices that help you sustain good thoughts and emotions so that you make good choices.

nutritionalFitness: practices that helps you get the parts that allows your body to function as is should, including the ability to repair itself.

physicalFitness: practices that help you generate energy, and effectively move in your environment without pain

socialFitness: with a body that functions correctly, social fitness is about getting clear on why you are here, focusing on things that really matter, keys to a sense of fulfillment.

If you would like to interact with the 15 classes on the Citizen Report Card, which is an expanded effort of socialFitness, select the “City Architech” membership level which is $9.12 per year. This is only for those who are interested in the vision of creating Cities of A’s (Link).

Whenever you log onto the site, you will be taken initially to the recent activity page. This allows you to see any recent post. If members are following instructions, you should be able to identify which group or “class” the the post belongs too. To find information that you are most interested in, you can filter posts by group, and friends (why its important to always put your post in a group).

When you want to make a post, select a group by either going to the group page at the top (or the top right three bars on a mobil device) or hitting the small three people icon right below where you will be writing the post. When you do this you see a list of groups that you joined. Remember you do need to join groups first by going to the groups page.

I will write more as I get more questions. Until then, lets make this a smartPlace to hang out.